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A Collaborative Approach to Everglades Education


Presenter Bios

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Session Information and Links

Session 1: The Everglades Foundation
The Life Cycle and Adaptations of Mangroves: Superheroes of
the Seashore

What is able to stabilize our shorelines and protect communities from hurricane storm surge without lifting a finger, provide habitat for countless species while cleaning polluted coastal water, or sequester atmospheric carbon and build new land using the power of the sun? Learn more about the life cycle and adaptations of mangroves, our superheroes of the seashore.

Session 2: Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation & Open Spaces
Tequesta - Indigenous People of Southeast Florida

Learn about the Tequesta, Indigenous People of Southeast Florida and participate in a hands-on artifact activity.

Session 3: Inwater Research Group
Harnessing the Charisma of Sea Turtles to Bring STEM Alive in the Classroom

Get hands-on with Inwater Research Group's STEM-based sea turtle program, available free to many Florida school districts. Participants will glean insights on our standards-based instruction as they collect data from their own anatomically correct sea turtle model while playing the role of sea turtle biologist. Teachers will learn how to borrow these programs for their classrooms and bring the excitement of STEM to life with their students!


Lightning Session 1:
BLUE Missions Group
Teaching Sustainability Through Entertainment

Explore CauseClass, a virtual course series that teaches students about the major causes of climate change, and the solutions they have access to today. Through documentary-style videos, thoughtful reflection, and interactive lessons, students are taken on a transformative journey toward discovering their power to demand a sustainable future. This free open-source tool is accessible to all teachers and students nationwide.

Lightning Session 2:
Everglades Ambassadors

Inspire your students through your passions.

Lightning Session 3:
6-12 Champions
in Action

A powerful community partnership for collaborative, student-driven environmental civic action projects in schools.​



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