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Everglades Literacy Program Coordinator, SWFL

The Everglades Foundation

Tate was born and raised in the small town of Naples in Upstate New York and is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and minors in Experiential Leadership, Transdisciplinary studies, and Psychology.

She began her career as an intern with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation’s Marine Mammal Rescue and Response team, where she assisted with the rescue and response of over thirty manatees and dolphins statewide. After seeing the improvements that could be made in educating local communities about Florida’s ecosystems and how to best protect them, Tate decided to pursue a career in environmental education. Tate then worked at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, where she developed curriculum, activities, and taught students ages 5-15 for the summer programming of AquaCamps.

Tate also has taught, developed curriculum, and organized outreach events with Suncoast Kids, a ministry group, for the past six years. Tate aspires to promote cultural change, inspiration, and empowerment for future generations for the restoration and protection of our local environments. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, spending time outdoors, exploring new places, golfing, and spending time with her friends and family.

Tate Vangellow

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