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Looking to get involved? Check out our resources below to see how you can get involved with the Everglades Literacy Program!


During this free training, we will review the Everglades Literacy Program, explore the Teacher Toolkit, and share sample lessons and activities that are part of the free, standards-aligned curriculum. 

Trainings can be hosted in-person or virtually on teacher professional development days, weekdays, and Saturdays. 


Teachers who attend the training are eligible to receive printed lessons and other materials.


Have questions?


Reach out to our team to help answer any questions or concerns you may have about the Everglades Literacy Program.


We can help you with our free, Everglades Literacy Teacher Toolkit, Additional Instructional Resources, and the Everglades Champion Schools Program.

Family Using a Tablet

Learn more about our Families ForEverglades family nights and see how you can get your families involved with the Everglades!

Watch previous sessions, download resource packets, and discover fun and exciting Everglades activities to do at home!


The annual symposium provides teachers opportunities to participate in engaging professional development sessions, collaborate with community partners, explore new ideas for field studies, and gain content knowledge through facilitated discussions of the Greater Everglades Ecosystem with Everglades experts.


The annual symposium will provide teachers with tools, strategies, and resources to educate, inform, and engage future stewards of environmental stewards.

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