Frequently Asked Question

Frequently asked questions

What is the Everglades Literacy Program?

The Everglades Literacy Program is a call to action for schools, teachers, and students to ensure that future generations of Floridians understand the ecological and economic value of the Everglades ecosystem. Our goals are laid out by curriculum design, professional development, and instruction assessment/student learning outcomes: GOAL 1: Curriculum Design for Authentic Learning and alignment to Florida Standards GOAL 2: Professional Learning and Implementation GOAL 3: Student Engagement and Career Connections The Everglades Literacy Program hosts Teacher Trainings and classroom presentations, participates in Science Nights, and provides a free, online Teacher Toolkit with 36 comprehensive Everglades lesson plans that align with Florida State Standards.

What is an Everglades Literacy Teacher Training?

The Everglades Literacy Teacher Training is a hands-on, inquiry-based program aimed at improving the understanding of this rich topic through interdisciplinary techniques. These trainings provide participants with the insights they need to implement the Everglades Literacy Program in their classrooms while integrating its lesson content with their other science and non-science related curricula. In addition to modeling sample lessons, facilitators introduce educators to the Everglades Literacy Program’s Teacher Toolkit – a resource made available free of charge on The Everglades Foundation website. Participants will receive essential instructional supplies such as top-quality books and other grade-appropriate materials for use in conjunction with specific lesson plans. All Everglades Literacy Teacher Trainings are free for teachers in public, private, parochial, and charter schools. These trainings are typically from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM and are offered on professional development days or weekends. Condensed, shorter versions of the training may be an option depending on group size, location, etc.

How do I access the K-12 Teacher Toolkit?

Please click here to explore the K-12 Teacher Toolkit. We encourage you to implement lessons outside of your grade level or subject area. Lessons can be scaffolded up or down to meet the needs of your classroom.

How can my school become an Everglades Champion School?

Please click here. You will begin by filling out the Intent to Apply form for the current school year. You will build your application and submit your application through this webpage as well.

What is the Everglades Teacher Symposium?

This one-day symposium will provide teachers with an opportunity to participate in engaging professional development sessions, collaborate with community partners, explore new ideas for field studies, and gain content knowledge through facilitated discussions of the Greater Everglades Ecosystem with Everglades experts. This program will provide a forum for teachers to network while engaging in a learning experience together. Stay tuned for updates on the 2021 Teacher Symposium.

What are the benefits of becoming an Everglades Champion School?

Schools and communities benefit from shared purpose and civic engagement by:

  • Increasing the number of environmentally dedicated and effective teachers who connect youth to the environment around them
  • Creating a sustainable school-wide program which builds community and purpose
  • Providing effective curriculum and grant funding to improve classroom education
  • Providing high-need schools resources and access to their local environment
  • Connecting students in meaningful ways to science and their environment
Champion Schools will receive a banner and certificate for their designation level. There is also the opportunity to be recognized by the school district and receive funding for Everglades related field trips.

What is the Everglades Champion Schools Program (ECSP)?

The Everglades Champion Schools Program (ECSP) is a free program that encourages teachers to participate in Everglades literacy professional development, integrate Everglades literacy into the curriculum, and promotes inquiry- and project-based learning, as well as Everglades leadership. This program is transformational in recognizing the critical shifts in school leadership and culture to make environmental education and Everglades literacy a core part of the learning culture. If you have any other questions, please email:

How can I request an Everglades Literacy Teacher Training?

Please click here to request an Everglades Literacy Teacher Training for your school.