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July 19th, 2022
#DrivingMomentum #TeamEverglades

Meet the Presenters

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natural illustration in watercolor

In this session, learn about conservation issues by painting Florida native plants and animals to both celebrate and educate.

Discover more about the watercolors of Florida native plants and animals.

Materials used

  • Brushes: Synthetic hair, round (the kind that comes to a point) size 4-8

  • Paper: Fabriano Artistico cold press 140 lbs, 7.5x7.5"

  • Colors: Windsor and Newton Cottman

    • Cadmium orange hue​

    • Cadmium red hue

    • Nuetral tint

    • Prussian blue

    • Sap green

  • White goache paint (for details)

  • Other (water cup, plastic pallet (paint on the sides), pencils (to transfer), paper towels, printout to trace/transfer, tape.

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Everglades restoration fights climate change

From Everglades to Estuaries, discover how the Everglades is a unique, watery place full of wonder that protects our communities and local economies, which are among the most vulnerable in the country to climate change.


In this session, learn how the impacts of climate change and Everglades restoration projects are directly connected to water for us all.

The Everglades Foundation and Climate Change

Functions of Everglades Wetlands

The Everglades and Climate Change Curriculum

Understanding Algal Blooms in Florida

Loggerhead marinelife center

In this session, learn about Signals of the Sea and educational programming from the Loggerhead Marinelife Center.

Loggerhead Marinelife Center Educator Resources

Signals of the Sea

Environmental Civic Action

In this session hear from 3 amazing individuals making a difference in their communities by taking action in their own unique ways.

Environmental Citizen Activity

6-12 Champions in Action!

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Systems Thinking: Thinking Critically About the Everglades

Participants will play a game to explore how to use systems thinking as a problem-solving approach to complex challenges.


They will use the iceberg visual to analyze multi-dimensional issues, emphasizing a complete understanding of changes over time and interrelationships, in order to understand root causes of an event and to implement proactive change.

High School Leadership Committee

Learn more about The Everglades Foundation's High School Leadership Committee with Grace's personal testimony.

High School Leadership Committee

The Everglades in Our Hands Magazine



Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management

​Behind the homes and freeways of suburban Palm Beach County, an incredible network of swamps, scrub, and waterways lies waiting to be discovered in this 30 minute documentary that follows three South Florida students as they travel 70 miles over 7 days​ hiking, biking and paddling.

Contact: Benji Studt

Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital

Copy of SNC Logos 003.jpg

The Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital is a small 501c(3) nonprofit located in Coral Springs, Florida. Their mission is to provide care for injured native wildlife and provide environmental education to the community.

Contact: Robin Reccasina

Grassy Waters Preserve


Grassy Waters Preserve is a 23-square-mile wetlands ecosystem that serves as the freshwater supply for the City of West Palm Beach and the towns of South Palm Beach and Palm Beach Island. Historically, Grassy Waters was both a key component of the Greater Everglades watershed and the headwaters of the Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River.

Contact: Lauren Butcher

Manatee Lagoon - an FPL Eco Discovery Center


Manatee Lagoon is dedicated to educating the public about manatees and Lake Worth Lagoon, and inspiring communities to preserve and protect Florida's environment and wildlife for future generations.

Science Eye and Environmental Education Consulting

Science Eye Logo lgst_www clr 2016 md.jpg

Since 1985, the Science Eye has presented exciting hands-on Science Safaris to over half a million students and educators around the country. These Safaris are simulations of real-life explorations into science. Through research and preparation, students assume a new identity and use the classroom or field to play the role of an actual scientist.

Contact: Dawn Miller-Walker

Loggerhead Marinelife Center


Get ready to visit their hospital for their beloved sea turtle patients and take a rare look into the world of marine life rescue at their working sea turtle hospital. Plan your visit with their tips and ideas to ensure you have the best experience possible at their ocean-side, beach access campus in Juno Beach, FL.

Contact: Hannah Campbell

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