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Alana Edwards has worked for Florida Atlantic University’s Center for Environmental Studies (CES) since 1999. When Alana first started at CES, she worked as a field assistant on the Kissimmee River at the Riverwoods Field Lab.

In her 20+ years with CES, she has worked on a variety of projects such as serving as lead facilitator for dozens of teacher training workshops throughout south Florida including workshops focused on the Everglades and Ocean Energy Technology. In 2015, she completed a NASA-funded climate change education program for high school and undergraduate students called Climate Science Investigations (CSI) with Dr. Julie Lambert from FAU’s College of Education. Alana is a three-time graduate of FAU (undergraduate: Spanish; graduate: Environmental Science; graduate: Geosciences).

In her spare time, she volunteers for the local chapter of the North American Butterfly Association (NABA) heading up the Palm Beach County yearly butterfly counts. She also volunteers at the national level where she has a unique position on the NABA Common Names Committee , providing common names for newly described butterfly species.

Alana Edwards

Education and Training Coordinator

Center for Environmental Studies, Florida Atlantic University

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