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Under Water

Module 3



 Duration: ~2.5 hours

As you go through this module, we encourage you to take notes for each step.

The following five items are to be completed in sequential order to fulfill the expectations for Everglades Content Knowledge Module 3:

  • Guiding Questions for Module 3: Use these guiding questions as you make your way through the Everglades content explored in Module 3.  Tip - You many see similar questions again on the Module Quiz. You can download and print the PDF in step 2 if needed.

  • Video (~21 minutes): Hydrology of the Everglades with Senior Hydrologist, Dr. Rajendra Paudel, of The Everglades Foundation - Answer the guiding questions as you watch this video about the hydrology of the Everglades. Closed captioning is recommended and available for all module videos.

  • Reflective Readings (~1.5 hours): These reading excerpts from Florida Waters are provided in step 3 as a PDF viewer.

    • Drainage, Flood Control and Navigation - Pages 6-9​

    • Modern Water Management - Pages 10-14

    • The Human Framework Timeline - Pages 18-33

    • Water Cycle in Florida - Pages 37-39

    • Florida's Water Resources - Pages 49-55

  • Module Quiz (~10 minutes): If you took good notes, you should be able to get all of the questions correct!  Be prepared to include the responses to your reflection questions in this module quiz. You must have a 65% passing rate to earn credit for completing this module.  Don’t forget to take a picture of your final score for documentation.

  • Contact Your Champion School's Leader: Let them know your score, so they can update your school's application and documentation to earn points towards becoming an Everglades Champion School!

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