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The Everglades Literacy Program provides the skills and tools necessary to act to protect this threatened ecosystem which provides the daily water supply for 8.7 million Floridians, contributes billions of dollars to Florida’s economy, and provides recreational and educational opportunities for millions of visitors from all over the world. 


The Everglades Literacy Conceptual Framework was developed by scientists and educators to provide an educational framework for the Everglades. This guide promotes greater Everglades literacy by providing an educational framework of principles and seven fundamental concepts about the Everglades that all students, and all Floridians, should understand. These fundamental concepts are:

The Everglades is unique and valuable.

The Everglades influences & is influenced by weather & climate.

The Everglades has experienced many changes over time & is endangered.

The Everglades is defined & connected by water.

The Everglades & people are inextricably interconnected.

 The Everglades is shaped by southern Florida’s geology & geography.

The Everglades supports & is connected by a great diversity of life & ecosystems.


These concepts are used in the K-12 Teacher Toolkit, a free set of lessons (three per grade level) that scaffold from K-12 in order to build complexity among topics. These lessons focus on:

Providing resources for teachers in order to implement these lessons in the classroom

Protecting the future of America’s Everglades for future generations

Reducing environmental risks and negative impacts to this fragile and unique ecosystem

Training teachers and students to make better informed decisions

The K-12 Teacher Toolkit is a resource available free of charge on our website. The Toolkit follows the Framework as a blueprint, providing the skills and tools necessary to act to protect this threatened ecosystem. We thank you for implementing Everglades Literacy in the classroom and educating the future steward’s of American’s Everglades. 

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Are you still in a virtual classroom? Explore the "Suggested Distance Learning Adaptations and Resources" document to search for additional ways to adapt and integrate the Everglades Literacy Teacher Toolkit Lessons into the Curriculum while in a virtual setting.


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