2020 Virtual Symposium Links and Resources

Jennifer Diaz,

Director of Education -

The Everglades Foundation

Croc Talk - Conservation of the American Crocodile at the FPL Turkey Point Clean Energy Center

Mike Lloret, Wildlife Biologist/

Crocodile Specialist -

FPL Turkey Point Clean Energy Center

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Kick-Start Your Content with "Scientist in Every Florida School"

Stephanie Killingsworth, K-12 Education & Outreach Coordinator -

University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute


Advancing Everglades Restoration

Dr. Steve Davis, Vice President of Communications & Engagement/

Senior Ecologist -

The Everglades Foundation

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The Power of People in Geospatial Technologies

Dr. Timothy Hawthorne,

Associate Professor of Geographic Information System -

University of Central Florida

The Neuroscience of Stress: The Reciprocity of Well-Being

Chi Kim, CEO -

Pure Edge


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